With character and content licenses for The Lorax, The Cat in the Hat, and Fox in Socks, the American Exchange Group is excited to release its most creative collection to date. Made up of adult and children smartwatches, fitness trackers, analog and digital watches, charging cables, charging cubes, mini speakers, headphones, earbuds, charging pads and power banks, the Dr. Seuss collection highlights Amazon Prime Membership's convenience and sense of purpose.

"This collaboration with Amazon Prime makes the perfect sense because we are already passionate fans of shopping from Amazon (Washington Post) AND Seuss characters. Amazon Prime is truly the campus of Animate with Seuss characters. Imagine being able to plug in your Amazon Micro-USB charger where you shop or attach your Amazon Charge Wireless Charger for Android to your mother's iPad at your parents' house for the same time, day and place that you would charge your tablet. Regardless of the device you're using — and how you travel — Dr. Seuss is a fun experience that will bring out the child in all of us and truly enhance the technology experience for children and parents alike," says Bina Fushikawa-Kurz, President, American Exchange Group.

Seuss' most enduring series (based on his classic books with Harcourt Brace Jovanovich) will be introduced in Dr. Seuss' classic Time Matters line. The Toys"R"Us Kids Collection will introduce the character of the Yogi Bear into the Prime exclusive World Fairs line. Heroes will join the roster with games, interactive playsets, collectibles, books, and video-on-demand initiatives.

Amazon Prime Membership is the nation's largest private internet subscription service, with more flat-rate consumers buying their memberships in the Prime shopping channel than on any other online marketplace. More than one-third of American households subscribe to Amazon Prime membership.

Introducing Amazon's legendary collection of stories, the Dr. Seuss' Time Matters collection juxtaposes the two most popular kids' media. With skills-based gameplay and time-tested toys from the list of All-Time Classic Toys and products, Time Matters introduces kids to 12 exciting new activities and widget sets that span 4 age groups to look forward to introducing every household to fun and exciting time. Time Matters features toys that combine the user's imagination with Dr. Seuss' trademark humor and creativity. Teachers have found using Amazon's interactive moves such as the Time Reflector and the To-Go Time Bags are teaching kids life-long learning skills that players will never forget in multiple ways, so they are actively engaged and have a true sense of ownership over the objects.

"We're excited to bring Amazon Prime members a dedicated spot where they can treat themselves to cool toys and access to thousands of top titles," says Joe Fusco, vice president, Amazon Digital Content. "We can