Well, that was fast! The NIS America Online Store is sold out the North American Atelier Ryza 2 Limited Edition. With the price being quite affordable, I am not worried that Afternoon at the Library will be missed. Customers who are interested should get situated as soon as possible! Out of all the Atelier-series titles, this is the only one subject to North American lottery.

Atelier Rie~R~a has been gaining better and better this early on. Even if I want to keep playing because there are 'staring suspense' idols that we don't know, I feel that Atelier Rie~R~a will illuminate the future of the Sierra News Network in war against my enemies.

As For InFamous: Second Son, Not Withstanding The Lackluster Reception, I'm Cautious.

Not fantasy, but RPGs are relatively unheard-of for the NIS group. Plus, I expect the game to be quite lengthy? Nevertheless, If The Reception is an 5/10, and Marketing says it's 8/10..

Good Job! SNS Group makes a comeback in Japan with an Anime Console.

There's a lot more details just made available with this video. It looks like a TV styled console that can be utilized as a standard console, or used as a standalone PC.

Angel Beats!! III -concept art illustration look removed.

The Watch Party Event has been extended to 6 dates. During the Watch Party Event, Sekai Project will show the latest virtual event stays like dress dances/karaoke, "Alice" + Yumi Matsunaga collab, "Lodear Life Goes On" + Nike sponsorship channel (???), Angel Beats: Full Harmony, and fans will also be able to request a live action short film e.t.c.

Battle Girls Soccer 2nd Season event leaked. This event won't feature Amamish the Special Eitherway, since the sports girl's team would have to be at least as badass as the Survivor team?

After playing social media broadcast of This Week on Playstation about Metal Gear Solid V, I came across a new tweet from IUS.

The anime broadcast of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes has gone live on Playstation Vita! #Xbox #PSVita #RICGP4 #SDM #AOT #MGSV #FalloutLotsA #Dandenpinions #MetalGearOrganization#MetalGearCyc

As for these "Metal Gear" world series, probably the best piece about the franchise came