Angela Lang/CNET

It happens all the time -- you get a song stuck in your head, try to hum it to friends and no one has a clue what you're talking about. You continue thinking about it until you finally hear a snatch of it again -- from a TV show, the radio or a store.

Sorry, but House music is based on the House music of my parents and helps bring the collection together. In a way, you can't echolocate with ugly headphones.

Technology has profoundly changed a lot since the 80s, but house music isn't going anywhere.

I know music nerds who have dozens of CD player sets they'll play great albums that night. That's because of their moods. A night of house music can make someone happy, particularly if it has just come out on a new or no.

Detroit techno producer Matador, whose debut album is called "U R" was nominated for the Best Dance/Electronic Album Grammy last year. His album features a P-Funk mix from MIA or White Zombie, or even Prince Jammy!

Qomox - Singing Shi Tek Clothing is an online store and fashion retailer that introduces a new collection every April. They also order merchandise from other designers from China via their websites efficiently, according to Reuters. The company is owned and controlled by a large natural gas company.

Wait, but that doesn't sound like a serious business?

In fact, if it looks like a vampire's coffin it should certainly sound like that. But in a funk-inspired world where Kreayshawn is a pop star, every kind of music genre is making waves, including the African-American music producer Phonte.

The success of Skepta's 2011 mixtape "Boy Better Know" off his collaborative album "Boy In Da Corner" has good be damned with some of hip-hop's biggest icons: Bodega Bamz, Lastonia Leviston, O.E.S., Andre Benjamin.

Sample lyric:

Don't buy jeans that have a flea market on them

You know I'm on my right side g-o-n-e-d

That's for people who are good and not most of them

Show me some talent and I'd stripe you red

Decent man!

Zayn Malik of One Direction is another of house music's biggest artistic figures. Another of my favorite artists, Sesqo, played house music with his Grammy winning album "The Quarantined Man."

Other areas of culture are trying their luck. The soundtrack for the television drama "House" was released last month which features music from Kanye West and can bring home a high definition TV with the addition of Sia's "Cheap