Goodsmile has opened pre-orders for its adorable Bayonetta Nendoroid figure, set to release worldwide in July 2021.

The figure comes with three face plates – a standard expression, a combat expression, and a winking expression – and can be adjusted to bend into different positions.

On top of this, the figure also includes two weapons – a whip and two fearsome bladed boomerangs – and movement parts for the Nendoroid's arms. ボウオンクイック15秒/$29, honto torikku kitō no ka

The Nendoroid is scheduled for release in June 2017, pre-orders are now open at Goodsmile Shop.

Plus, on May 5th it was announced that a gundam armor set (nikkari dating) will be released for the first time. Bandai is awaiting stock receipt before they can announce pricing or pre-orders.

Source: Animeanime

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Egypt's extremists controversy raindown

The Al-Masry Al-Youm news site revealed this full transcript between Al Jazeera English and presenter Ashraf Khalil al-Suwaidi on last night's show:

Al-SUWAKI: [transmitting the follow-up] Do you remember the episode when our colleague tried to speak to Bishop Paivi of Al-Arish?

ASHARFA KHALIL AL-SUWAIDA: I don't know that… they obtained a copy of the conversation, maybe it's in the archives, or something. I didn't… I would appreciate you asking them the question again, or at least giving you the date. Now, can you give us in English an account of what was said? Because I would appreciate that.

AL-SUWAIDA: [transmitting the follow-up] Oh, please… you mentioned that there was meeting between Mr. Massry and Mr. Massry, and Mr. Massry said "that all of us who are anti-heretical" are "dangerous anti-MB". What did you say in response?

ASHARFA KHALIL AL-SUWAIDA: You know, it could have been a translation error. But is it true that he referred to the anti-MB United Front or not?

AL-SUWAIDA: [transmitting the follow-up] Well, as far as I know, it was not mentioned, It's our… a lot of things have fallen into place, we have foreign tweets in a context that I don't get, but…