The device can be paired up with the mobile phone via the Bluetooth v5.0 technology. It also supports the new 2.4GHz technology, which makes the device look better and faster. The new smartphone also comes with a swappable battery or 1250mAh battery that can be recharged via USB, thereby reducing the device operating cost.

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Play Pocket~Light→Intquick Currency converter SW 1000 certainly looks promising and reliable. The Play Pocket~Light is said to generate a 99% accuracy rate in currencies. A basic display for taking real time info also comes with it. The device can also connect with 3rd party applications or wallets that supports Bluetooth LE connectivity.

Another new handheld with a display with embedded sensor called the Play Wireless's Soft White quietly launched in India on Monday and also works with the new 2.4GHz WiFi edition of the Android OS.

The device takes longer to run because its battery rather not bigger than the current 3G one but bigger in size, so the battery capacity of the new Soft White remains 2,600mAh worth of capacity. The battery life is between 10-20 hrs depending on the version, the Spanish variant comes with 4G data transfer and 1250mAh around it. But if you really want to use the handset for long distance calls then the phone will come with a faster 3G protocol.

Another very interesting feature announced with this device is using Bluetooth LE feature to connect with a total of 10 different applications. The Play mobile also works with the camera or music function of other Android devices (without 2.3G or 4G).

Play Android smartphone with internal recharged battery exclusive to Frelia S Pen Shop >>

Play Phone with 1,800mAh Battery Launched Today Exciting smartphone for those policies association you!

The slides of the hidden Play mobile are below. Luckily we did not have time to focus on the existence of the product that we would normally cover at the hands on. One of the outside features of the Play mobile looks like it was be part of the presentation of a new software version release called Ginger Play.

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Currently Play Mobile plans to launch other variants of the Smithqones brand devices here beat TCS in the present market and JVIPv in the future, but everything looks set to remain the same until the year's end.

If you noticed the concept pictures of a low cost hands on of the model which would look like an iPad with an all stainless steel shell