Google announced earlier this month that it is rebranding G Suite to Workspace. The rebranding gives a new look to Google apps such as Drive, Gmail, Docs and more. Just like Play Music stopped being Google Music but is now just Google Play Music, the centralized profiles cloud will be renamed as 1.0 on G Suite. Yes, it has been designed to be one of the most user compliant or other portable accounts on Google Play.

We know the Google One Simple System Now Updating. We are going to see the Google G Suite update update soon. Titled Android One, this update will bring complete features and bug fixes for Google Apps. One feature that is missing is multi-site hosting. For more on that, check out our article.

Following Looks for the Google Suite Updates are Coming Soon.

Google is also rumored to be tweaking yet another tier in their suite. According to a tip we received earlier, we have solid information that they are tweaking unlimited later. I wouldn't be surprised if we see unlimited in there next month. According to one of our tipsters, the full-disk quota cap for unlimited plan is going to be removed. Users were needed to maintain 1000GB of free space.

Being an Android User

How about that ART based software you have been running on your tablet and smartphone for the past 6 months? It significantly improved the experience overall. Moving away from the proprietary Google Services was a smart idea for a lot of Android users. Faster boot-up. Jelly Bean for flat screens. Bug fixes and security updates that can't be downed again.

Going forward, we still have 5 main services from Google. All with updates. Google Photos/Picasa, YouTube, G+/Gmail, Google Docs/Sheets and Maps. Let's just say that we are starting to see faster updates for these. We can now expect that One machine to be considered stable. That's right Google, you've been doing it right.

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