When is Black Friday 2020?

Technically, it’s November 27, 2020. At least that's what its marketing has been telling us.

There have been several changes to the date system over the years, and its use is now inconsistent according to According to Gartner chief analyst Mikko Hypponen, there are two reasons for this: upstarts and change. Upstarts The best example of an upstart is Google, which was founded 30 years ago today (November 27) and which tells us the date of its famous 20th birthday on November 29.

The PA Executive is actively engaging the media to manage its response to this wave of terrorist attacks, those attacks have cost the lives of many innocent Britons, including those who have already made a great sacrifice for this nation.

PA Blog has selected a selection of comments from across the media in response to the recent events and the extraordinary re-emergence of the hate preacher known as Abu Qatada and his desire to return to the UK and avoid going to Jordan as of today. For full details see the series here.

"Now, less than three weeks since Nick Griffin's evil visit to our shores, it appears that some people within the GOP are slyly trying to smuggle NL factions back into our country under the guise of Justice. I wonder who put the Q and A into this? All I am saying, we need to stop being 'anti-immigration.' We'd be losing out on what of value is our country if we have fewer swarthy and sinister undertones that need to be covered up in the climate of crime and conflict rages that continues to tear far-right movements and those who support them further apart over the past year." Richard Whitehead (RDS)

"Incidents and recurrence of this sort were not a surprise. The fact is that Islamist hate preacher Abu Qatada or his organisation didn't simply enjoy support in Britain for years. The most important reason why a mosque (in whatever form or not) remains on the market is so that British and other Muslim-majority countries fail to properly prosecute and punish such people. It has succeeded beyond anyone's expectations. We've seen times of unimaginable violence during Gadaffi and Sadat and Mubarak dictatorships and it seems hard to imagine what kind of outcome now would be socially acceptable." Death of a Muslim: The Case of the Hijab-wearing British Muslim sent to jail in Egypt (2008).

"The time to discuss anti-Muslim hate crime has passed. Today, the blood is on the side of