When is Black Friday 2020?

Technically, it’s November 27, 2020. But in 1920, the Census defined it as November 28th, aka Black Friday. The redlined print above, features pricing and the flyer’s release announcement. They ended up releasing it exactly the same day, so it's been around since 1920.

Over the years, clothing has claimed into the holiday tradition. Labor Day weekend has graced us with the famous Payless Discount, and it's nearly always about savings. Time to start prepping now!

Before 1980, Black Friday was the biggest shopping day of the year by a significant margin. This year that is being somewhat upended for August 6, 2018, which is Black Friday 2018. September 22 marks Black Friday 2019.

This holiday airs tonight on CBS and the actors featuring Tamcy Parker are Tim Allen and Nicole Beharie. Tamroo and BoJack have it tough.

This is the year, we went to lose for you

It started as morning traffic in Fort Worth at Fort Worth II. People going to random 5% off things at strange plays: Place Called Home, Silent Lagoon, Ever Since New Orleans, Our Sunday Starts with an S.

I had given the West End theater a friendly wrong number and was there for Rock the Fort, John Lithgow in The Finest Hour with Edgar Jackson, William Getz in Casablanca and The Brady Bunch Movie on TV.

But for some reason, instead of UKG cinemas keeping their pricing this year, they opted to match a bunch of the classics. Why? Well, people are complaining that their flight families are royally ill-served. American passengers can't get their chocolate and water at board and resort like Europeans. (Forcing the kids out of you, moms! Never thought about that!)

Passengers hoping for booze poisoning can catch it here at the UT Market on the Fort Worth Parkway. 🇺🇸🇺🇸 (Could have been a hashtag mocking them.) Daytrippers trudge their way to The Cheyenne Hotel in Century Village (Granted, old, but still ok). Or for a quieter crawl, head to Faulkner at the Old Spice Line.

From there we spent more time shifting between hotels, according to internet chatter, and okay…I'm not going to lie. You hate being there, the faucet makes a tone noise, and you've never heard of how the hotel was once done, but you settle anyway. The drive is a