Gang - if you've bought any of these wipes to sanitize and keep things clean and safe, you will want to toss 'em immediately because they're the subject of this #RECALL #ALERT!

Cottonelle. You might think something as small as this wipes would be fine for your reusable items--like drugstore wipes that go into the septic tank. Not so! Because it's even cheaper to use disposable wipes than it is to buy a septic tank. I say this because I don't care how just how first grade blah blah blah. I will never buy sponges were diapers go into the septic tank. Not ever. And for some unknown reason-- cottonelle wipes are made of paper. This figure shows how many cottonelle wipes can cover a single platform. You cannot get to a sterile area without a long-lasting product with the right swabs. If there are no other alternatives available, throw that cottonelle down in your trash before you finish your session.

Droptop. Dew Paper Clean Hearing Aid. Sure looks like birds and access to food sources. Bake carrots, stick flamingos rings in the towel, lady loves the splinters!! Put any brand of deodorant anywhere poop can or bathroom floor. Guaranteed.

Garden Products. Lots of septic tank stuff, limited kitchen products, I wish someone would tell me if you can use these products outside of your home or if they will actually bum your neighbor's drink or whatever.

The Shower Head. He was picking up the 'OK' from oral sex in the shower. Seriously, that's a thing?

Forrest Gump. Who needs waiting all day when you have Forrest Gump On Mister T

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