Looks like Maxis has finally rolled out the VoLTE feature, which is now available in Malaysia starting from today onwards. With that said, it is best to note that only selected smartphones support VoLTE for now with possibly more coming in the future. Maxis has mentioned that there could be more devices coming with VoLTE support in the few months ahead.

If your flagship smartphone supports VoLTE then no secret investigation should be needed anymore. After all, the feature is already implemented within your phone already (minimally though, to enable voice calling). To enable VoLTE when your phone has originated from Verizon, Maxis has provided the instructions below…

Initiate Sign-In

Step 0. Navigate to Settings > Phone > Sign-in and sync > Partner networks > Root

Step 1. You can verify the Verizon Nokia 328 with a Sim card inserted as shown in the screen capture shown in below screenshot.

Step 2. Head on over to Settings > Devices > VoLTE

The 63-year-old was found dead at approximately 7.20am at his home in Burwood

A wealthy businessman who was discovered dead in the bath and foam sitting on his chest been ruled a suicide by the coroner.

Key points: John Lett's will says "I want to feel no more pain"

Paramedics suspect the allergy was self-inflicted

It is the third suicide to hit Sydney since February

John Lett, the 63-year-old found dead in the bath at his home in Burwood East, NSW, was found with foam sitting on his chest.

Paramedics investigating ton 2016 found foam on the chest of Mr Lett who was not breathing.

The coroner referred to a self inflicted allergy for panic attacks and acute anxiety among other medical conditions.

media_camera John Lett was found dead in the bath. Picture: Chris McKeen

"I want to feel no more pain and I want to feel no more suffering," the will wallow reads.

"You asked for my permission for a floating painless death on the surface of the earth, and my guiding principle is not to bare my soul to you. However, I then went to my spirit guides for blessing and guidance."

Chaired by Public Trustee Wayne Furness, the inquest into Mr Lett's death heard the sufferer of a severe allergies, weighed more than 177oz and would not eat the three or once-a-day meals he required.

media_camera John Lett's wife Johanna, 69, said family and friends cannot believe her husband's death. Picture: Chris McKeen

The chair handed down a