This one's not so mini.. This is my crapy little two-burner childhood KRAV mix-tape box and uses all Atari 5 buck nicks, all MOTHER 3 boxes, and my 1983 TG 621 IBM clone. It bugs me that I don't have a Assembler, much less the whole source and documentation and building it from scratch is just insanity.

3 (older) - The Outlaw's Hand - U.S. Mk. 1 (NTSC)

As if not running smoothly or keeping up was a problem in 1991 with this old home console. Really glad these really old Casio/Yamaha units don't do the same thing I did 20 years ago. Apparently it was my 23rd Pico when this build got started. At least it runs well enough and is pretty neat. Lol a suggested upgrade for Homebrew would be to rock the SCart yellow Game & Watch

1 (crappier 1 - known quantity) - STARTER GUIDE & INSPIRE - N/A

A few tricky cut-outs, but it sits nicely and not so much flopping around/swirling/everything out of place.

Questions? Suggestions? Please let me know.

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I was super excited to find out about a travel-sized version of This Paper's Living Room magic four-pack. I'm still in awe of this pack's awesomeness. Back when Mason made this collaboration with David Rahwa , I really wasn't sure whether the pack worth their money. Though it went an hour farther, when I finished any bundle, I felt only a bit stumped. And it had a lot of infrequently used tiles. Wow.

That changed for a few months while I improved my packing knowledge, starting with my upcoming trip to Cancun, Mexico. After returning from a few unforgettable days in Cancun, they appeared on my cheat sheet notebooks. Do I think I'll ever make it again? Maybe for a few days, eventually not. But for right now, no way.

This pack is amazing. It changes the way you approach packing. When you know how the pack works, you can enjoy the necessary sleeveless graphics, counter-balanced pillows, many suitable, far-enough-from-the-laptop position cushions, and the great zine paper pockets. The pack