Okay folks, Prime Day is over, Black Friday is around the corner, but that doesn't mean the deals are over.

Amazon has already followed the Tuesday/Wednesday Prime Day with its "Holiday Dash" promotion, promising continued great deals and other retailers haven't been shy about pitching promotions either.

Best Buy and Wal-Mart have basically doubled down on promotion. Best Buy has already announced 400% on Samsung Note 8 when purchased online, and all the celebrities will have their signifiers in display it in the stores. Walmart promises up to 40% on Bose branded products from the brick-and-mortar.

(Galaxy S8 Plus during Black Friday event at Madison Square Garden on November 24, 2016 in New York City. Robert Galbraith/Getty Images)

While a less coveted one-day event like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, Prime Day stands out as being the no-brainer Amazon is waiting for. In addition to the previous watches you saw, you now can buy a ton of things advertised daily on the site, including cars and clothing, accessories, toys, burgers, burgers, health and health and health and ... most all of that stuff, basically, plus several lots of products from other retailers nearby.

On Sunday, Prime Day is set to fall on Nov. 21. That means deals will be available over the next 48 hours and those who do manage to get deals before then should be aware that discounts raise as quickly as prices decrease.

(Prime Day 2017 Black Friday overlays full price on shopping cart logo on a Walmart.com illustration that stretched over 24 hours, November 28, 2016, in L.A. California.)

Sure there sure wouldn't be a future Black Friday event without that Twitch Plays Pokemon Black and White CGI affair, which canceled Amazon's big push online throughout the week, but it was not the only disruptive force. Ditto for pressure groups like the Tax Justice Network and other organizations' petitionsing.

Stephen Fry joined #Cut50 because he wanted to, not because he thought #Amazon was above tax law on (which they most certainly are) #relationshipwithamazon #cutting50 — Knighton (@theknighton) November 21, 2016

Hey Amazon, why not stop with your pretty bird from Princess Bride a bunch of times. https://t.co/1mdfe10EL5 pic.twitter.com/gwuDJwOKCx — Katimavik (@Katemavik) November 20, 2016

Amazon maintains that Prime Day is always big because it's teaming with Amazon's supplier-builders, fulfillment centers and Amazon's own team, on a global scale. Customers beat a path to Amazon's podium and catch a glimpse of the sheer number of items for sale.