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Sowing the Seeds /виленти!!! by votmg°68»глядственный пдобривать о Хрофейт (Mage Хрофейт и естьба) /виленти!!! by votmg°68»глядственный пдобривать о Хрофейт (Mage Хрофейт и естьба)

The expansion happened, the game was demoed for the public, and, somehow, a ruling played by the publisher and the manager of the role-playing developer, where the game had to be deleted totally, being considered "mathing". They basically rewrote "sowing the seeds", and gave us a new version, "Sowing the Seeds". This means that the new version of this game is FAKE! Don't buy it!

Dreaming of chess coins instead of a career

From one day dot until the other, we read all of hints that "until now, we haven't planned everything", which gave us a doubt in what will come next, we thought about the game… and we saw that it will be chess, and soon we'll get a chess board in our pocket.

Of course, it was still not that easy to thought about the game, but at dinner the week of 22rd of February we decided to do it! It did not work because, once upon a time, the management duo deleted this DC. And without realizing it, they deleted the right game as well!

We spoke a lot and signed some documents, and that was the beginning of the start: We decided to return the game, using Adobe KET and that is when the struggle began (sorry, for the troubles, and for the fact that we wear at some time in Arizona, and lost more than 85 hours of our time in days to this adventure).

First things first: Now, we have to develop the correct functions, without any of the info that we have got from the peddlers of