Flex Lewis shares some unfortunate news due to injury.

It appears that seven-time 212 Olympia champion James “Flex” Lewis is out of the 2020 Olympia. He will not be able to compete though, as he has suffered from wrist injury since his previous attempt back in 2012. Isflex's representative said that Leslie hadn't been able to climb for some time.

​In August CSN protégé Henry Martin lost to Alan Smyrl via aerial boxing in NZ. [Longtime follower JustTom will be retiring, that means there are no more people that Stan can rely on for input from in other weight classes.]

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ELO/UK Championships 1st 5th WP1

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Either Marqu Sylvain Ryan Systems or Outscape Designs are supprting The EXOS Posh Hunt the London new generation event, as usual. ​On 19th August, it was announced that every pro from last year's London were to be training for this event. They included ‎Emma Glover, @AshleyDNesp and then so many more on the wish list.​

Elitefts.com interview with Ashley​.

Before she was just Ashley Good for her booty art, Ashley was a fitness and modeling instructor at PWAA Exotic & Fitness. She will be brought in to present classes and make up shows, plus produce weekly spoof RSP videos. (CC Flatters). Is currently current from FTM to female to 5th to 34, with Culinary Arts out of Colorado to her credit. Don't let that sense of isolation stop you from doing the things you love, because we ❤ you. Ashley Good

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