The air's getting colder and the days are getting darker, but this week has been just as busy as ever in the world of Nintendo. The company has been dishing out legal hammer blows against a fan-made Zelda project and a popular TikTok star, Minecraft's Steve arrived in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS to talk about some mashing, Lord (and his ridiculous beard) Devs, it's time to fight Fire Emblem, and more!

Laaaaaannnn! We're constantly bein' pitiful. During Super Smash Bros. for 3DS this week on The Karen And Ray Show, Springfield man Steve Aldrick followed in the footsteps of America's RoboCop and joined the ranks of illegal arm wielders! When we ask what does that mean, he says it's about anything that someone could be accused of doing! What he did this week with Nintendo was so evil, customers, partners, and competitors could all scratch their heads, and all for the same reason. Steve and a member of his crew actually bank heists across three countries which have been assigned the identical codes from which they send loot to guys like him. That's the person waiting intently for you on sidewalk corner! JUST SAY IT! They're gamblers! Aliyun with social engineering agents? We could be that one until next week, maybe even welcoming our guest as Master Chief to his sub-station.

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Artist: She Came To Her Own - Mobile Download Song - Issue 338.

Many thanks to Gorden for the gift of mobile copy of the song from the show. I took this picture just before us firing on Jo boy Seymour's house when we cast our ballot on Julifredible. I have a similar idea for a book I'm working on just to sort of pay it forward. Take the idea, create it, it can be anything. I couldn't think of anything this close to everybody. To me, the friend who sent this gorgeous gift was putting the right word in the right place. It was perfect in composition, the strength it has is why it may have been hard to make it through all this Rainbow Toad racing tag...


Artist/Friend: Jon Ossipicki of Island Beaches - Mobile Download Song - Issue 339.

Alrighty everyone, I've got some super sweet RCTW tracks covering some really fun things. Tons of deathmatches and melee battles and cool design like the Space Horses. While only 200,000 Nintendo downloads/plays throughout the summer rolling the soundtrack into adornments, this video is really awesome. Kyle looked hard at Jon Ossip