Flex Lewis shares some unfortunate news due to injury.

It appears that seven-time 212 Olympia champion James “Flex” Lewis is out of the 2020 Olympia. Lewis is challenging American Joni Tarte, who he defeated in the 2006 Olympia in a close decision. If Lewis loses he will drop in next year's chart.

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George Reid

Last year's Mr. Olympia was the biggest upset since Dick Vitale lost to Weidman back in 2002. Mr. Vitale went on to become UFC champion. Since that time George Reid took a break from the sport, which led us to the current crop of free weights. There's no question The California Boy has the mind-boggling speed and power the number one American needed to distinguish himself from the pack.

George Reid is another aspiring All-American in the area. Reid was no slouch posting an easy 99 kg showing in spring of last year. After that showing Reid went into an iron man mode for the rest of spring courts. He looked good when he forced his way into the 196 pound class at the Arnold Classic.

Beyond the name, it would be great to see more of a statement at the Olympia. When did Reid miss weight? Did he even make weight? Reid is currently 41, so could he come back next year?

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Phil Heath

Phil Heath is giving the Mister Nun Campbell the John Ennis treatment all over again. He won two World's and a Pan American in the IBF, WBA, and WBO. Heath has won nine world titles, the last time in 2010 after an accidental postponement came between winning a World title at then super heavyweight.

If Heath doesn't win the Mr. Olympia fourth time being dropped a couple spots seems harsh. Heath went into the Arnold Classic as one of the common favourites and wanted to complete his iron man career. Was the small step forward last year from entering the Classic like he had promised or just a coincidence? The loss to Seth Mazzagatti, a replacement opponent, could be enough to kill Heath's dream of a fifth Larry O'Connor.

Anthony Anthony Genovese

Anthony Anthony Genovese travelled rather well from Florida to the UK knocking out a finalist in five rounds with the biggest punch of the fight. Genovese is fighting for his seventh world title. He reached the Mr.