The air's getting colder and the days are getting darker, but this week has been just as busy as ever in the world of Nintendo. The company has been dishing out legal hammer blows against a fan-made Zelda project and a popular TikTok star, Minecraft's Steve arrived in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Wii U and has boasted about being the Perfect Friend. Today, it's announced that Mario and Luigi are coming to Nintendo's mobile app for the 3DS, called Miitomo. Simultaneously, Mario, Link, Marth, Fox, and her sister Daisy will finally get their own games – called the Super Mario Mash-Up Pack 2. As stated in Nintendo of America's announcement trailer, Link, Mario, and Luigi will be available from Aug 22nd to Sept 20th.

Physical Items:

– 15 Pokémon Licensed in Miitomo

– 50 Virtual Memo Cards to custom out your profile on the Miitomo app

– SD Card with Special Passwords

Bonus Items:

– Exclusive Princess Daisy Figures 5cm (2")

– 10 Stickers in Yooka-Laylee (Limited to each set)

– Mario – Link – Marth Portrait IK

– Nintendo 3DS – Blue from Super Mario Cosmos 2, Red from Super Mario Excite Bike. NASA policies permit you to trade official NASCAR race sweaters and NASCAR posters with others who have purchased this item.

– Nintendo 3DSi XL – 40-70, Item; Mario – Link – Mario Double Dash

– Nintendo 3DS – Blue from Super Mario Sunshine, Red from Super Mario Galaxy 2. Sponsor season ticket tickets for the 2017-18 NHL season are also available to buy when you spend more than $33,000 on the Nintendo 3DS. Competition height limit: 165cm or 63 inches.

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