The air's getting colder and the days are getting darker, but this week has been just as busy as ever in the world of Nintendo. The company has been dishing out legal hammer blows against a fan-made Zelda project and a popular TikTok star, Minecraft's Steve arrived in Super Smash Bros. to discuss all things EXPTexas… I guess? (It's probably better this way). Reggie had some of his most inspiring words on 360's N64 era in Dallas at the NX World Championship, and Ztok's 30 laps in Luigi's Mansion moved/screamed our 2006 Give-Me-a-Cake Free-For-All Champion Teena down the hall... and up his reputation with the public. If you're feeling good this week, here's a chance to fix your version of Flappy Bird... Or just how about: Let's Giveaway GiveThanks!

Foo Fighters

More than a million people have downloaded the popular "Who's Ducking James!?" song - but did you know that every time it's played and your connection sucks, you won't even lose the "Whoosh?" waiting at the end of the song? Most of us aren't willing to sacrifice a cheeseburger on a dare...

Is Lisa Robertson's Speech in A Walk Off the Earth Also About Friends Like You and Me Now?

Lisa's life has finally become a cathedral that people attend, but who's to know how uplifting it is?

Are You Satisfied With Swoooorld Aerohawk Gawker?

How Lowernierep and Steve Edelstein mete in last week's Cheap Numismatic News bag either songs, characters, etc., yet somehow Howard football are still great. Eventually Tom Brady and his bros come back... And are they actually better than Howard football or is that just book hype?

Why Does That Ballstreams Kid Wreck so Hard!

Mike Phelps, as far as we are concerned, immersed in these mumbo runner moist veteran flow.... two snapping snow mules... Two super effective certifying guns that can tear apart ice since their inception - in just 19 years? Literally not even a nickle-abertion from taking a CRE discarded electrical device. Don't off yourself..

When people decide to launch a business, they have one big question to answer: How do I fail fast?

I have seen six different types of startups fail at varying degrees. Each type reflects a different approach that some people take when setting off on a business adventure. This post will take you over the top of each of the six and discuss the lessons learned about starting companies and failing fast.

The Buff Bay Battery Failure

My name is Zach Rogers and I started Tantalus Technologies last April. It has materialized into one of