The Xbox Series X vs. PS5 Launch Game Comparison Chart provides an easy visual aid to compare which games will be available at each of the respective console launches. The comparison charts are intended to act as a guide for what to anticipate for the Xbox 360 and PS3 console launches, no matter which console you own, and to provide you with an understanding of both the differences and the similarities between them. They will not be exhaustive, nor are they specific to games, and they only show games released for the respective systems. All Versus Comparison charts are shown as a quote directly underneath the launch game title.

Because the chart isn't definitive, many alignments do not clearly delineate the difference between the different designs of the consoles. As such, we recommend consulting our article over this topic on the topic of console design. Please note that the data provided by the chart does not reflect the condition of the games PEGI has set or is planning on lowering in the future.

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"Hello Gert!" — Gertrude

Gertrude (ギタリ ??),[2] also known as the Sponge-Handish Lady or The Yellow Sponge (戯り手脳が池職, Goreira Tsugatsumasaha?),[citation needed] is an employee of Graham Norton's radio show called Norton & Co.

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Appearance Edit

She is greenish-yellow and wears a yellow shirt, pink shorts, regular shoes and pink socks. Her hair is completely falling out of her mouth. She has a big smile as her trademark smile.

Personality Edit

She seems to be very kind and caring. She acts the same with everybody and loves to help her co-workers.

Plot Edit

Think Like a Pirate Day, where she laughs all the time.

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