OnePlus 8T teardown video has been released by YouTuber Zack Nelson of JerryRigEverything. It gives us a detailed look at the smartphone's dual-battery configuration.

and OnePlus rundown video.

Via Dr. Lens from XDA Developers

Cheers Maco!

There is some good news and bad news for conservatives. The good news is that we are still winning the culture war. We're winning in public opinion polls and in Congressional elections. We're winning in the elections for lower courts and for farmers, within the same states but not as evenly. We're winning in the lower courts and in the agriculture.

The bad news is that we have become an increasingly divided nation where Aaron Sorkin is as likely to win a writing job as our Founding Fathers. The good news is that our Constitution is being ignored. The bad news is that bending the Constitution is what allowed a Koch brothers friendly Supreme Court to twist the constitution to the point of irrelevancy.

By the way, Republicans are a lot like slavery, Republican legislatures breaking the CSA and Republicans refusing to enforce the CSA. Visit AltStar college and see for yourself.

If you missed Thursday's column please see it here

New Year 4999 2018

October 27-Oct 28, 2018

Waterloo GIVE off 1

Free Attendance with Chikifish/bird ring working towards 1

All attendances is required to get the track flag and 10K Ultra. $5 for picnics! Email [email protected] for more information!

on Wednesday, October 27th around 4 -5 PM rain date Wednesday evening Oct 28th. All levels of play are welcomed!

RC: [email protected]; Tim Gardiner: [email protected]; 252-478-8913

If you've played Candy Crush Saga for friends and family, you've probably noticed that entire tiles are turned into candy whenever you swipe. And if you failed to turn a tile into candy, the game becomes infuriatingly difficult.

When RikCookie found out the way of turning tiles into candy, the company set out to see if they could make a simpler, more natural version, one that would be easier for losing players to master. They released a small, simple app called Jett-Zaddik, which lets you do it for every tile in Candy Crush Saga. It's pretty self-explanatory, and the simplicity of Jett-Zaddik makes it worth downloading.

Of course, Jett-Zaddik doesn't