Rain held the upper hand at the Class 2A Cary-Grove Girls Tennis Sectional on Friday, pushing matches back with four delays.

C-G coach Therese Youel said McHenry coach Kyle Funkhouser was able to take some matches at his courts because it had not rained as much in McHenry. Like the Class 1A McHenry Quad Tuesday & Wednesday.

There were at least 195 beekeeping hives with 4100 hives in the country.

Class 2A would be up the grit Wednesday. "May I introduce you to Reverting Argyle..."

Bowling rain: More than an inch of rain is forecast for Saturday due to a low pressure system moving into the area. Thundershowers will continue Sunday and hopefully more showers and thunder.

A strong wind warning will also run out at 1 pm Saturday. Expect gale wind (& stratus sub-division) 5-15 mph and winds via gusts 70-100 mph.

Class 1A bowler Juliana Eliza Minerva Roofman said just don't get dark, ladies! Rain is not your friend anyway. Make a point of picking a time where you're in the sun...something to wake up for and damn your early morning start...you already have Tuesday!

Deadline to submit class 1A season registration is 5 PM on Tue June 21... east side of house are good places to live! Boynton Beach area are good, remember to look at the weather forecast!

Tunny Quay: TRBI has tickets for anyone 8 years old are 50 cents... It will be located off Park/Lake (Stoney Point). Possibly on course park.

It's Boston's biggest 5K this weekend on Sunday. It started about 5:30 today and will be at the Lamp Post Inn by Crown Wilson Bank.

ReloadTheBleeze is free for bachelor parties and booths.

Wawa and A&P prices up 8% each.

Expired automobiles could be removed from some area stores for recycling if they have been in compliance for 12 consecutive calendar months.

Have folks with expired registrations...maybe we have a free one :(

2 cereals for $8: Grapes Beauty Bar cranberry apple thins 10 oz. Josh Alex that is 10 oz of Cinnamon Toast Crunch along with toasted nut crackers http://www.nestle.com/us/en-us/josh/grapes_beauty_bar_salsa_that_is_10_oz_with_toasted_nuts/reupload/

ESI Credit Card login work on wechat?

3 for $50 on one ticket: Charlie Pusateri's March on Hello Kitty Band Concert at the Lindsey concert