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Manitoba Hydro closed two of its main transmission lines after elevated levels of mercury were detected Thursday in air near the company's Espace Collection Plant in Winnipeg, the company said.

Alemak Realty Management was evacuated from the property Thursday evening. During the incident, Chrysalis Management Marketing (ChemoMatic) advised clients at 5011 St. Mary's Road to arrive to the property fast as residents were advised to remain away until further notice.

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Police later found 10 out of 17 homes evacuated due to the morning incident, the Manitoba Intergovernmental Agency Emergency Response Team said.

Products from the Espace in Winnipeg

"Once we discovered the matter this morning, we immediately notified the Ministry of Environment, and our employees and contractors were dispatched to the site," said Michelle Schumann, a spokesperson for Manitoba Hydro. "We are working with all authorities, and we are depending on the Ministry of the Environment's assessment."

Winnipeg police were called to the site for a suspicious substance detected at about 7 a.m. The scene was cleaned up, but air quality monitoring is ongoing, police said.

"We have advised everyone in the area to take medication as needed and turn off unnecessary power within 3 hours of the incident as a precaution," she added.

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The mercury plume was sent up by a WestJet Boeing 747 flying into the city Thursday afternoon, said Portage Public Safety chief Craig Erickson. The flight is scheduled to land in Chicago at 2:12 p.m.

Canadian Air Complaints Commission collected a case number for the incident.

Sam Boubert, mercury contamination expert with the Canadian Trust for the Future, said airborne mercury is emitted through the stored garbage windfall and has a global reach.

While hauling a burlap sack of vinyl records out of a recycling lot near the company's Eden, Sask.-area site on May 29, the pilots