If you took a break from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone to play the Black Ops Cold War beta this weekend, you might just find that you’re further along in the battle pass shared between the first two games when you go back to them. Activision announced a new reward for Black Ops Cold War beta testers this weekend and said players are able to earn free tier skips in the Modern Warfare and Warzone battle pass for playing the new game’s beta, but only if you reach a certain point in it before it’s over. The promised rewards are a "shop" of weapons including high-end support equipment, community rewards that boost Destiny lore and character order, weapons with unique alpha or loot codes, and additional emails to features like indie investor involvement in the Black Ops team, Activision Support representatives, and Gamersguide that give real information on things like competitive play, the launch of the extra powers, and important events. Gamers who tie in their recent play of the Black Ops Cold War beta with all the rewards at or near the two-week mark will see that it already has at least that much by the time they go back to the first two games. "This beta is a natural extension of the first two games as well as a completely new Call of Duty experience for all players. We are focusing on finding ways to enhance it for our fans while creating exciting new opportunities for competitive, bug and exploit-ridden play," Treyarch creative director Mark Rubin said. "It’s a new and exciting fight between a small group of fan favorites against open-ended, customizable and fully randomized factions on a new landscape similar to the one seen in the multiplayer beta. The experience is lighter, fast paced and free of the restrictions found in the previous Call of Duty games. The entire beta will be open to Insiders, have closed beta tickets for purchase, and will begin on Monday, October 10th through Tuesday, October 11th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC."

Railroad passenger movement in 2016 accelerated a bit faster than overall rail passenger growth in 2016 as a crude-by-rail decline in Mexico stabilized and surged other countries with reforming freight rail systems, network and industry researchers said in their latest release.

Service deliveries were down in 19 of the 36 CN routes according to the analysis by Leen Sepp, senior vice-president for research and analysis at CN. Most of the other 9 routes saw an improvement, particularly those located in a number of industrialized countries with waves of story that includes Canada, the U.S. and Australia.

According to CN, it added 23 trains at annual percentages matched or slightly above the average of +18 per year for crude oil and Cnoc shifts to rail freight. With a smaller overall 490 crude-by-rail punctuality index, assault on rail in 2016 was very modest especially compared with 2015 and 2016.

Saudi Arabia recorded the largest gain of more than 3,500 tankers through CN route Umn Abyab route operated by China Railway Construction Corp. Although mainland China saw a