Simone Giertz, the self-proclaimed Queen of Shitty Robots, has used her time in quarantine wisely to create the kind of serotonin injection we could all use right about now: a paw-operated (pawperated?) photo booth for her dog.

"There's just something about animals," Giertz says of the toy, which uses her own photos as little branding plasters behind the title bar. "I knew it would be a good toy for her. I had this idea for it, and I've been wearing a cat hat all day, but I need to get ready for a photo shoot, so her posing arm is on the outside of the shoe."

Gie t's perfect, Simone! Letter-writer T Maybury:

I recently ordered some robotic dog toys from Amazon when a "device" might work better than a actual dog to greet my friends or, best of all, escape her crate, into which my (hilarious) pet seems to want to bail. Easily my favorite toy available, the dog-acting dog toy reacts to any movement. It is super cute, extremely convenient, once, and available in either red or blue.

Read the full letter here.

UPDATE: Simone Giertz has posted her own faux-affectionate response to the ad seen above on her Shop Fresh Pet's Facebook page. Read it here: >>

Love or hate it, the ad campaign by Shop Fresh Pet is making waves in the animal photos industry. You can read the ad here:

Simone Giertz's Beach of Desire Ad


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