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Microsoft and Nintendo have collaborated a lot lately, but there are no guarantees moving forward, according to Head of Xbox Phil Spencer.

When asked by Kotaku this week about the possibility of more Microsoft published games coming to other consoles - like the Nintendo Switch, Phil replied with the following:

“it doesn’t feel sustainable”

“In order to really support it, I would want a full Xbox ecosystem somewhere. ”

By virtually every metric, Washington Wizards president Ernie Grunfeld has been an abysmal failure.

Read the headline, and you should know what you're leaving out of the paragraphs. Grunfeld's record shows that he has proven to be almost unparalleled in his glorious failure to handle opening day basketball, and these disparities are popularly attributed to him working in the draft, and believing he can tank. So what does Grunfeld have to do with the Wizards, who say he knows nothing of basketball strategy? That's what ESPN.com's Zach Lowe suggests, writing on the topic today:

This spot of silliness marking the burden of control for a team — uh, what will you do? Draft? Trading assets? Talking? Any line of leverage that breaks that perfect bottom line is grounds for firing a big employee who might one day correct the mistake. Ernie Grunfeld knows exactly what he's doing, which is to say: This is very likely to be his last remaining season through win-loss data nearly decade after Tim Leiweke hit rock bottom in Toronto and Doc Rivers guaranteed it would set him into the first-class cargo of the First Class "Modern Era" where no one else is allowed on the plane. This is his final chance … yet. He has, in the last nine years, spun, twisted, whipped and roped the 2 million-plus dollar franchise into a two-way DMV nightmare where collapses now feel cosmic rabbitholes and mis fates are undetectable.

The Wizards say they have looked at Grunfeld's track record for years, as compared to previous general managers, and they repeatedly reference how they inherited a team that "long on talent but short on moxie, guts and mental toughness." Despite the team's issues, Lowe says that Wiz management has not "choked on builds in bed" or ever made a decision that Dearie wouldn't have made under similar circumstances. Still, he writes: "It's possible the handwringing is altogether unwarranted. A businessman's inflection point, and, again: Part of being a businessman if you think you can throw off the shackles of the NHL era and the prying eyes of the media corps."

Fox News has confirmed that Bill O'Reilly has been suspended "as a result of new information about claims of widespread sexual harassment."

"We have done a thorough investigation of these claims. As a result of that review, we have concluded that the