To celebrate the release of the new LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Robot Inventor set, robotics genius Simone Giertz unveiled yesterday a robot-powered dog selfie booth.

The inventor, known for her handy robotic creations – like a machine that chops vegetables, a robot that feeds you soup, and a drone that can cut hair – puts her creative energy into building robots that can be helpful day-to-day around the house.

Now mired in the new LEGO set, with a crazy picture of a dog minding his business with the new Brute Forager, Giertz has released this photo explaining the witty invention. Frankly the greatest robot selfie booth de vivre has just never looked so on-point.

What do you think of the new LEGO version of Simone? Trying them out? Even getting installed in your own home?

Most of us expect our phones to have significant endurance, yet the LTE-equipped variant of the Samsung Galaxy S4, MI9500, is hard on its heels when it comes to contained claims. An endurance rating of 700 hours is most certainly possible, but there are a few things we should consider.

Firstly, the battery port from the back of the device apparently does not contain the EVA foam, allowing gasses some considerable room for expansion. So we'll need to see if we can find evidence of spillage. Secondly, the mobile chipset powering the MI9500 smartphone includes an ART v2 CPU, which is different from the current Snapdragon 800 chipset found in the Galaxy S5 and the HTC One M8. This should mean good performance for mobile graphics as well.

Well, what we've found is that a couple of tasks such as photo editing, continuous local recordings, and various parallax scrolling can focus on the UI and affected than when there isn't active interference from a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device. So do not expect mind-blowing benchmark scores.

The UK estimated runtime for the Verizon Android phone MI9500 is 2-2.5 hours, which averages out to about six hours per charge. This is significantly shorter than the phone's claim and significantly more than some other high-500p device. So unfortunately the facts don't back up the huge reliability claims made by current competitors.

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