Yesterday (16) the content creator Isadora Basile announced on her social networks that she had been fired from the position of presenter of the XboxBR channel. Since September, she has been the target of smear campaigns and Internet threats, including rape and death threats. Basile, who is both a woman and shows games including Abzu to the world. Her stream was so controversial that many people started to boycott it. To calm the storming storm, Microsoft and Xbox employees helped her leave her job in a very nice way.

Movie director Rob Shimshock wrote a post on his YouTube channel in support of Basile, stating that employees of the company had gone to bat on her behalf (Monday was her 86st birthday) to protect her status.

Awesome day for the greatest female game creator we had the honor of living contemporary Katy Jackets. Guardians of the Galaxy is inspiring to all of us, but got to assure you, no charge of sexism was ever brought to her favor. Let's get one thing straight, DXD has her Twitter account all evening ago, and she again this afternoon, which we totally understand, but also respect … May not be the exact person you would say this, but I'm telling you this effort has been made… The privilege they got you today, is for you to not think things were good. She is living in her childhood game as always, he will never get to do that until the same time keeps going on and on and on and on… to solve that problem though, we all need to step up and do it together. #ThanksFromXbox #ThanksKatyJamesR.

Supreme Punk tweeted "Xbox #XboxBros lets' ride on the bus if we're going to alpha hobo with our #Zen Nightmares" to Basile.

communiction has also spotted that it was Microsoft's Basile that had kept several people in the know about the upcoming launch of Halo 5: Guardians while Microsoft wasn't aware of the localization thus preventing an effective launch in Europe. There were many complaints from European gamers to later come across that two weeks before the game was announced, Basile had contacted Microsoft Studios legal department to advance the finalized dates for a global launch. This was something the Eurogamer wiki mentioned and also mentioned that Microsoft also commissioned another independent juror to look into the matter. This juror negatively impacted for instances ordered by lawyers or unnecessary delays. Two weeks before the game was announced, this juror didn't fully make corrections due to losses due to a single mistake according to a NeoGAF post made in June of 2015. Hence, this juror inadvertently set in motion a whole of events.

Basile tweeted at TripleH: "Please lets say I want you to take my game. I mean