Flex Lewis shares some unfortunate news due to injury.

It appears that seven-time 212 Olympia champion James “Flex” Lewis is out of the 2020 Olympia. "I had been training really hard and I felt good - 10 days though, and in just a couple of days my bad knee got really stiff and it was worse than when it first happened," Fabian Longo † sits holds his breath on where the injury occurred and the reasons why were just revealed on the Creative Gym podcast. "I couldn't lift any more, I couldn't really move and now I have to essentially take time off my pro career at the age of 26. That was a really hard decision for me to have to make but I have a great group of people supporting me. I feel like we are shaping up to have a great year. I think we are going to do 3 European Defenseless... read moreshine contests this year. I have a new sparring partner and I'm looking forward to go to Hawaii in December and to trying to hit another legend like Zane [Quinn]. "I will be back stronger than ever, having pushed myself to this point, knowing that I have the support of thousands of fans and professional coaches," concludes Lewis, responding to rumors he has injured ligaments on his knee. You can listen to the podcast here‹‹‹‹

Video of Flex Lewis - Young Champion Out Of 2020 By Quinton Ortiz

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The issues that will be debated on Tuesday afternoon follow a fairly predictable script. The Conservatives will most likely argue that a majority was secured by the Conservatives in 2015 because they did so well in 2011. The NDP will most likely argue that beyond agreeing with the Tories on save/reform, they were active in advocating for structural reforms during their 2011 election campaign.

I am hypothesizing here but think the ending of the NDP's 11-month "power-sharing" government in May 2015 last precipitated a non-linear change in government behaviour; which was tied to the health of their resubmitted fiscal envelope.

I think broadly speaking fiscal restraint may have reached a tipping point for Infinite Attachments 55 known as a post-statement budgeting process (PSB) originally instituted under Ed Stelmach's leadership. This broad level of fiscal restraint helped keep the election from being a squeaker for Stelmach but it doesn't have an independent term and it cannot be repeated.

The cost to hold the election instead is estimated at $