The device can be paired up with the mobile phone via the Bluetooth v5.0 technology. The wristband can store the earphone in the wristband PA5400, which attaches in the front of the wrist unit.The HAF-LiaVio wristband has built-in that allows Bluetooth v4.1 technology to act as audio 2.1 audio player and Spotify is available for offline playback.A user's companion app is developed by IOS developer BridgStudio for iOS, Android and Windows Store. Apps are few in number, which will presumably help users to stream music from their smartphone and buy songs. Play For Music will be an exclusive to Fadri Express brand

Tamil Nadu, an IT hub with a population of 13 million, welcomes the roll-out, as will other states where the device is already selling well. The high-end earphones will appeal to consumers who prefer going online to listen to music and audiophiles. But there is also a market for consumers who are looking for a piece of the Bluetooth pie on a budget.Singapore sees a booming tech sector, as well as both digital (mobile) and offline businesses that are building on the country's IT benefits. Such businesses tend to have a strong start. Recently, this market sector boycotted the country's 33-year-old leader, then Vivo, when the former continued to use in-house manufacturing techniques. Naturally, the Vivo head of Singapore, Bruce Koh, then upgraded his followers on Facebook to support Vivo's decision to make its phones globally by importing from specified cross-stills distributors.Vivos and Jio both have tie-ups with digital audio player companies to provide audio services and offer apps for the smartphones, tablets and digital music players.For brands in this segment, successfully marketing affordable devices is key to increase sales. In turn, it means they can't immediately go after customers with higher-priced products that may not be as hit. The program at Fadri Express is crucial to like-minded sales staffers, who will help develop small scale brands and adopt new digital or app strategy. Perhaps more significantly, Jio already has thousands of young employees like those at Chennai's fan-page, whose interaction with customers was what helped the company move differently in its early days.The promotion in Tamil Nadu follows its success across the country. EMI has already launched its F3i campaign and launched a slew of brand campaigns across the country over one-month period in July. The Indian arm of Indian label Wesfarmers, with the purchase of Coles, will offer a