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Microsoft and Nintendo have collaborated a lot lately, but there are no guarantees moving forward, according to Head of Xbox Phil Spencer.

When asked by Kotaku this week about the possibility of more Microsoft published games coming to other consoles - like the Nintendo Switch, Phil replied with the following:

“it doesn’t feel sustainable”

“In order to really support it, I would want a full Xbox ecosystem somewhere. And I don't think that'S an available standalone thing'.

No money-spinning Microsoft exclusive with a platform debut on Nintendo?

Could Microsoft broaden its metacritic base by signing an exclusive in the future? Here's what Spencer had to say:

‪We't have a triple-A IP, and we've had a pretty good financial long-term,‭" said Microsoft PR. ‪It doesn't feel sustainable.

Spry Fox Studios' Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy on Wii U is one game that's broken Microsoft's DRM policy

The studio behind Homefront and The Last of Us series, Spry Fox, recently announced it was ending development on Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy supported on the Wii U - a DRM-free reimagining of the 1st game on the Nintendo wii console.

"For me personally, the landing shape of the future of games is a formula similar to that of film," Spry Fox CEO, Kenny McGinnis wasn't sure what Nintendo offered. However, he did say the company declined to comment on Xbox exclusives:

He also clarified that the company's other Nintendo-aided project, Star Fox Zero, would have an exclusive launch on the Wii U and 3DS, was unchanged from previous statements.

Around the same time Spry Fox announced it was avoiding development on Wii U games because of his company's access to Wii U hardware and software. In the same comments, the studio also confirmed a release on all other platforms was impossible.

Spencer &let't rule out future exclusives for Microsoft platforms

At an event in Redwood City USA for the following week's Spike Video Game Awards, Microsoft boss Phil Spencer ruled out future Xbox exclusive for the time being.

"We've yet to see whether it would do as well on other platforms than on Xbox at this point," said Spencer.

Microsoft plans DLC for the free-to-play FarmVille game next year revealed

Microsoft held a press conference during the geek-friendly video game awards to reveal that downloadable content for FarmVille next year would launch exclusively on Xbox One. As reported via IGN, Microsoft also gave out unique costumes for select Xbox One players.