Okay folks, Prime Day is over, Black Friday is around the corner, but that doesn't mean the deals are over.

Amazon has already followed the Tuesday/Wednesday Prime Day with its "Holiday Dash" promotion, promising continued great deals and other retailers haven't been shy about pitching promotions either. Now, some of them seem to be like vampires taking bites out of other retailers, only the Amazon shoppers have "sounds like gold" sound clips, compared to buzz and pop tropes of an bells slew misogynist -- sometimes seriously -- haha to be true, but I do not know, could be true. I want to know.

According to Gadgets360, Amazon has started rolling out a "5-Screen Deal" for its Prime members, where you can pick up a hard Vizio 5T TV for Buy Early, Pay Later of Rs. 50,000 pre & Rs. 22,750 after a year. The deal ends on 02 April 2017. This, from a tweet by @BestBitesOutIndia, is the unique deal.

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If the media parrots the narrative, it's typical for a mass shooter to become a power-hungry fat-man (in Wayne's World parlance) with disgustingly psychopathic sexual fetishes and bi-polar tendencies.

For instance, Logan James Thompson was infamous for being "all business" when he set his sights on an, shall we say, unusual target: his stepfather, according to an interview he gave to Guns and Ammo pistol enthusiast Andy George Lates back in 2007:

Lee Lates: And your stepfather is a friend of yours?

James Thompson: Yeah, I'd met him. He still lives at a friend of mine's house in North Carolina. He run a fiberglass business. It's called Kel-Tec, and that's all he does.

Lates: Hadn't this had happened to your stepfather before?

Thompson: No. It kinda came out at this interesting moment when this guy, Chris Harper Mercer, the –- I think the media called him the "killer and arsonist" [of Steve Scalise and others], and I was just like but now he's my family? It just wasn't what happened. I'm just like how did that happen and what am I going to do about it. That seemed to be a mysterious