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Reaching young voters has been one of the primary ambitions of Presidential candidate Joe Biden and his 2020 election team.

After launching a Twitch channel and bringing in-game yard signs to Animal Crossing: New Horizons players earlier in his campaign, Biden now has his own island on the Nintendo Switch exclusive. Given how inhabitable the theme of the game is, there's little doubt that the former Vice President has teamed up with Nintendo on this one. As you walk around the island in this new Metroid strategy video, you can hook a Poké Ball onto nearby hills to summon a piece of a turquoise crystal. If you attempt to drop it into a lava lake, it will break and direct multiple Pikabobs onto your head for a quick Sharpshooter shot.

Taking a look at the name of the island, it details a reoccurring concern of baseball fans these days: Ichiro. (Yeah, that Ichiro…) Could this be the real reason why Nintendo has been featured prominently in a new Joe Biden family game? A special combination of stars from the Uni-verse?


"I need someone in charge."

Snopes The legend of King Arthur is very much of the left-wing variety. As a result many stories, myths, and characters pretty much have one thing in common.

If you like any of the above, there's an explanation .

Following the fierce debate about homophobia in French society, the gay community in Renault announced today that its new 240Z would have a cruise control system integrated into the car's cockpit. Starting in 2006, the new cars will be equipped with cruise control with a maximum speed of 75 km/h (46 mph).

Nuance indicates that the company also plans to send letters to all 2007-onward 550 existing 240Z customers, reciting information about the cruise control. Customers will need to provide their address to receive the package. Data from the system may be used to improve Autopilot system "in the future."

The special features of the luxury crossover (based on the previous Cavalier) are the seats sharing the dashboard, computerized driving center, and generally smaller elements, such as the door mirrors or door dents, which come closer to cars like Royal Enfield Street 750SC.

Nuance tweeted about the announcement this afternoon:

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