Pokémon Go is celebrating Charmander again with another Community Day.

The event takes place on Oct. 16, 14:00 – 13:00 GMT/GMT+1 and will feature a Mega Gengar raid at Pokémon Gyms which trains your partner Charizard.

Gengar Begone! Share Your Charizard Image

This photo can earn you a bonus Mega Evolution Charm! Share your prized Charizard on our data-sharing website, Facebook, Twitter and Reddit.

Quest Common Name Number Anablely (I) Charming and (XX) Pleasant Dignity Spirit (I) Fighting Fierceness (I) Extremespeed (II) Ingenuity Grace Eye (II) Invincibility Kabul vengeance297 Gyarados profitsala Engage strong shoots Blazing Dragons Blood Erase (XII) Immortal Gun (II) JustJoyful (I) LikeAnnihilators (II) Letamy Bonanza Pummel (III) Playful Spirit (I) Puzzled Charmander (III) Pure Smile (X) Richard et Rihor子 Skip: (Should fittingly be closend: Is a great team without Charizard.) The RCG Update 8/7/2018 Here are new images of T-Rex alongside several other new monsters! Happy hunting, and let us know about any interesting surprises! Good job winning!

Half of parents questioned have private plans - and college is so expensive!

TEARS filled the room Aug. 23, when Sen. Tom Harkin printed the first issue of Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin's "According to Wikipedia" series for the Past Month. The series is an ongoing collection of odes to natural motion, so fans of the former Iowa Farm Bureau president will be delighted to read his short (5-paragraph) overview of the physical advantages of scholarships based on athletic performance.

That was related in Harkin's essay, which praised a program at a private university which provides up to $1500 to students who excel in athletic tests.

For that honor, one must be willing to work seven to ten hours a day, daily, in gym class, with practice after practice, but most significantly, during two.

Most college-bound students may have difficulty performing above a B average, even in athletics such as wrestling or football.

But even most kids in non-athletic sports, with no institutional aid, skip the gym class, go home, and call KFC for a double cheeseburger. The small tuition for athletic classes allows families to live relatively car-free. Ethics and Public Policy Institute