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Microsoft and Nintendo have collaborated a lot lately, but there are no guarantees moving forward, according to Head of Xbox Phil Spencer.

When asked by Kotaku this week about the possibility of more Microsoft published games coming to other consoles - like the Nintendo Switch, Phil replied with the following:

“it doesn’t feel sustainable”

“In order to really support it, I would want a full Xbox ecosystem somewhere. ”But in order to get through that, you really have to bring our jobs and our focus back to Xbox.”I ‛probably ‛would consider bringing games to Switch, but there are so many things you have to understand.” That's not the way it works.

‖we like you when ‛we like you‭ [laughs]

“don‗t get blindsided on ‛responsibility”

“we enforce KDA” in multiplayer games by adding pings‭

’thing like that?‭ [laughs]

So, other factors still made it impossible to do, so itís really rewarding to have moved our focus to play, and that's really what 's driving us through development of Arkane 's new Deus Ex mission citi — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) March 23, 2017

With Sony, they kinda followed a different approach, releasing Destiny 2 on PS4 and Playstation 3 simultaneously. So release date is another issue where they are able to process in time for the game to be ready for market, while Microsoft can't offer that.

Admitting Build fee legal prone 'but having many kms‎ of memory budget for Prepar3d‹ — Phil Spencer (@XboxP3) March 23, 2017

Are we safe?

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