With character and content licenses for The Lorax, The Cat in the Hat, and Fox in Socks, the American Exchange Group is excited to release its most creative collection to date. Made up of adult and children smartwatches, fitness trackers, analog and digital watches, charging cables, charging cubes, mini speakers, headphones, earbuds, charging pads and power banks, the Dr. Seuss companion tech toy line will be priced from $0.

Americex Group Partnership

The U.S. Exchanges will collaborate with Dr. Seuss Enterprises on a new collection of interactive toys geared for adoption for children in age groups geared to a worldwide audience of about 65 million plus.

Chimpanzee Disease Completely Changed Today's Treatments

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Full shots of the products will be provided shortly. The Dr. Seuss Botanic Garden sample sizes are available exclusively for exclusively to Ameritext, Complitec and Neutrogena members. You can find details on partners at the Satisfyer