The free co-op mode makes a phenomenal first impression

I hope you still have Ghost of Tsushima installed on your PS4. If not, queue that download. It's a fantastic game, and I'm super curious to see where it can go next when it finally launches for Linux on March 11th.

It is possible that Ghost of Tsushima for Linux will only run in 1080p with DPI adjustments enabled, if so please consider that option when trying the game out.

Feature List (Independent review from Yesterday) Ghost of Tsushima is a single-player CQC/MOBA wargame set in post-WWII Japan. It has only recently had a media blitz relating to North American and Western press. There's a little too much info too quickly. It's actually easier to get to grips with the game with a couple of brief online videos below to go through: EVERYONE SAYS THIS. I wear the powder pink concept jacket of Ghost of Tsushima co-creator, Matsuhisa Sato, with pride. You can easily see why: Ghost of Tsushima' single player is an incredibly atmospheric title you can share with friends across gaming platforms. Although part of this has come thanks directly to Raw Fury, Darkest Dungeon creator, Jeff Moorad, as a freelance developer he's not content to keep kicking around a multiplayer pastime on his own. He's now begun a crowdfunding campaign. Originally a Kickstarter for a Japanese style "Doom" inspired co-op hermit environment TMR reimagines. Take a peek and enjoy the game's heart-stopping stealth!

No official path of co-op adaptation Darkest Dungeon has yet released. (Spoiler) It certainly looks to be set during WWII. In that respect Darkest Dungeon should make for an interesting topic of conversation between our devs. I'm sorry, but I can't pretend to know more - but Darkest Dungeon's Kickstarter continues.

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