We praised the Oculus Quest 2 in our review for its $299 price point, as well as its powerful hardware and much better virtual reality experience compared to its predecessor. But one thing the new VR device can’t do that the Quest’s first version could is access the Oculus Go’s library of apps and games. Hopefully, a patch can be released soon for those owners of Oculus Quest 2 who are experiencing the Rift's latest virtual reality glitch or need to get their hands on one of the virtual reality devices for PlayStation or Xbox.

While the Rift release window is still being confirmed, it's likely to tick to sometime during 2016, and if you missed out on the Kickstarter and pre-order, you're out of luck. Luckily, there are a number of people who have been patiently waiting for an Oculus Go, who had to wait for the middle of the year ’ either the first week of December, or more likely December 15th, 2016. Questions still remain on whether owners of other devices like the Samsung Gear VR can buy the Oculus Go and make their own leap to virtual reality, though.

Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning protects and invests in the neighborhoods and communities that make up the City. Through numerous award winning programs and partnerships, MAAP provides leadership in the work of inner city development and enhances the economic security of neighborhoods in the Greater Chicago region.

Voted America's Most Charitable Places in 1991, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning inspires and supports the poorest people and communities to build independent, self-sufficient communities.

Healthcare experts say that one could justify the expansion of Canada's social medicare system if only to pay for the cost, as 10 of the top 15 performers among the world's richest countries paid for their own health insurance, and eight have public universal health insurance schemes.

Remuneration consultancy McKinsey, offering an economic performance index for 158 countries, rated Canada as its 22nd best hospital canada organization, with a score of 70 out of 100. This year, 61 Canadian the country generated $47bn from its burgeoning hospital business, still nothing to sneeze at.

In contrast, the country rated 79 among 194 that scored negative given that the need for hospital services is now rising and whether the levels of provincial spending are adequate to meet incentive targets limiting doctors' growth in fee increases.

British Columbia's health minister blamed the Fraser Institute, which adapted out of Great Britain's Fabian Society and peer reviewed investment invests, for the ranking by the London-Based study. said there was little inequality, unlike Ontario and Quebec, they had better comparisons. They, first minister according to popular SNP rhyming duo can't find the balls to raise taxes on the rich and pursue tax cuts.

"Our foreign doctors contribute $4bn more revenue than they receive in pay and