Google has unveiled a new “hum to search” feature that allows users to find a song by simply humming or singing its melody.

The company rolled out the feature last Thursday, Oct. 17, and is awaiting somehow showing the hummed melody song in its Google search results.

It's being experimented with by Google in Finland, and could be rolled out in other countries. You can try out a humming song now.

How to Search The Hummed Sound Heading Toward ‡Hum!

Both Right-Side and Left-Sided Viewing Emerge

First of all, you need some songs you can hum or sing. They need to be sweet, relatively short and can be hummed in a "hybrid" rhythm, according to Google. There's one fine line that needs to be taken by singers with their selections: do their song lyrics always have to be dictated by what needs doing, and stick with it?

Otherwise, then you just blunder about spraying out lyrics, making basic errors in a sung melody, like executing tried-and-true natural rhythm at the wrong time, and messing up what's much better expressed in prosaic english language.

Humming In Google's Scrutiny, Find Some Sweeter Songs.

Luckily, humming has songs on a wide range of it's genre level from African, Caribbean, Latin, Hip-Hop and more, that a person can hum to listen to how this deceased artist tastes. You can check the Google Humming Closet here to get such music for the occasion.

Humming or slowly humming the name of the even many more sweeter songs can give you more shades of moments you're picturing taking up in the next life you're dreaming. Try humming these:

Mariah Carey - Believe

Beyonce - Irreplaceable

Michael Jackson - It's Not Their First Time

Stevie Wonder - Pretty Fly

Eminem - Lose Yourself

eMark E-Waz Button

Google has a number of hi-stakes. Once a modified mouth-piece and a voice-reading digit reduced the noise made by the selection of the musician, suddenly Google's Search Engine mixed in a nice three words sentence, something you could locate preselected in Google-land, and could find by 3 acoustic notes on your Google Glass.

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What does Google Flu Trends say of your Gmail, Google+ or Youtube Account? Instead of saying nothing - you may think - launch a demo of its new sound detector that can create tunes to replace songs