To promote the upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield DLC (The Crown Tundra), Nintendo's battle royale game Tetris 99 is this weekend hosting a special pocket monster-themed event from 16th - 19th October.

The #Tetris99 17th MAXIMUS CUP is happening now! — Nintendo of Europe (@NintendoEurope) 27 september 2017

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Pokémon #TeamPikachu & #Tetris taking part in the eternal battle of TEAM FAIRY!! The game purists want it too 😍 — Pocket Gamer Ubisoft (@pocketgamer) 28 september 2017

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The personal belongings of the past three generations of Afghan military veterans found in the defendants' Navy background was discovered in the trash of the defendant Kariyauddin. The more than 100 spent ammunition shell casings cases, grenade launcher barrels, rifle ammunition bags, and military books come from the Japanese military and were discovered during a comprehensive archaeological dig conducted by Special Agent Anders Porgremung, Arko Darmaeyan of the Counter Terrorist Unit of the Norwegian Armed Forces (Forsvarets Overing og Kongerigentet).

"The load that the weapons held is representative of the tactics that were practiced with your weapons, at the same time

they know how good you were and the pluses that you bring to the deck"

-Prof. Joseph Servatine, Clinical Emeritus and Chief, Departments of Psychiatry and Nephrology, Columbia University and New York Presbyterian Hospital with John Servatine, Jose Zechner Professor in Psychiatry and Prof on Psychology, University of Maryland, who attended a screening of the upcoming documentary Vietnam: Between the Lines

Their new documentary Vietnam: Between the Lines follows the 3rd Infantry Regiment, Brigade, 8th Infantry Division of the U.S. Army as they gather on Okinawa for the Vietnam conflict. Despite their experience, they are learning from and preparing for Vietnam and trying to authenticate the stories of wounded soldiers and the stories of civilians in war time. With all kinds of expectations and way too much turmoil to the psyche of the soldiers, they meet codirector and Director Procyia Lucia Berensmith's standards, confident and professional, if obviously stressed.

In a short clip from the documentary, shots in the gorgeous woods surrounding remote Okinawa town of Wako, where American troops are based, directly rains bullets down on her and Freier. The cameraman shoots the exposed arms of these intimately wounded veterans, long after his companion got hit three times in the chest by a grenade. The