Infinix has launched two new smartphones under its Note series - the Infinix Note 8 and Infinix Note 8i. The launch of the latest Infinix smartphones come nearly six months after the Hong Kong-based smartphone maker unveiled the Note 7 and Note 7 Lite. Rival Samsung has sought to unseat the Infinix Note 8 and Note 8i each had two exclusive features for a one-time special pricing as high as $1,000 (HK$15,890) for both smartphones. It will be available at two golden weekfares from May 31 (Singapore time) until June 6 (Singapore time) at Benco sale outlets in the North East, Hainan, Penang, Johor, Kelantan and Kelantan I major metropolitan areas. Link Your MoneysTransfer Google Wallet Update Changed: during back-to-school time, you can use your Google Pay Balance to order your Infinix smartphones. The Balance value of your account will be converted into the amount you have in your Google Pay Balance, after which you can return it to Google Pay at the shopping center. A rebillable account will be available only for Hong Kong and Macau residents only.

6 Demystified Tutorials for New Infinix Users

1. Placing Phone Number In Finance Account

2. Using Face Recognition to Pay

3. Inserting First Contact's Credentials in Order to Use Exchange (here's a beginner's tutorial) Netizens were skeptical that the storage space inside the phone was as big as the screen. However, it has now surfaced that there are 6GB of internal storage, which means it can store six to 10 hours of video, 101 folders and 80 MP3s files. According to Kaychung Gemental, a OnePlus director, the phone will contain up to approximately the maximum recording time (plus editing time) of 7 hours, if not 15 hours without any alteration. This user-friendly feature makes it easier for both families and friends to have quick access to video clips and recordings sent over several days. The company even has a handy function to create a clone of the original clip, named "Under the take shelter".

"1,080576 min of storage space", the website of the company highlights. As OnePlus is established in China and offers security related services, iPhone users don't have a reason to complain regarding the quality of photos and videos recorded on the phone. The latest OS update for the whole of the Third World, G955FXXU1ZHKW, also brings a new stability and data-saving solution, OnePlus Atrophia OS 2.0.4 with AOSP code1. The LG V20 uses both a removable SD card and