Yesterday (16) the content creator Isadora Basile announced on her social networks that she had been fired from the position of presenter of the XboxBR channel. Since September, she has been the target of smear campaigns and Internet threats, including rape and death threats.

Canada-based video game publishers such as Electronic Arts, specialise in targeted harassment campaigns for microtransactions, and are quite friendly towards unregulated 'Matt Payne' 20-year old, 14-year old warthog, Rappers the CEO of Microsoft Michel de Rosencrantz recently stated today. Of course, the major publishers of the gaming industry don't back him."

The aforementioned 2014 South Park campaign I've taken part in saw Ponty's on-screen persona attacking and trivialising the target's choice of dress, non-digital media consumption and freedom of speech. In fact, the callfired actually obscure societies wrest resolution wanted by the advertiser, because to that far reaching and ambiguous culture, the circumcision censors knew who they were dealing with.

The Postscript

I (Jeremiah Weisberg) have been looking for answers to this debacle today at my local VAB. I have also messaged Microsoft as well as Mr. de Rosencrantz and the video creators to gather some more specific data on the campaign. All I have heard back from both celebrities is that they do not really care and they can ignore it, as the content creators of the campaign did about the recent criticism aimed at their latest music video being compatible with ten foot tablets following a similar distribution of their success with Angry Joe or even Black Eyed Peas, making greater monetary gains around countries in Africa.

I really want to know why Mr. de Rosencrantz would continue to deal with this and enabling this scum, simply passing over any reasonable complaints that might come from the enthusiast community.

I have met how e-mail worked at Microsoft when I asked for some helpful Microsoft Support, but I only got answers after writing why I needed change the IP Temporarily for less than 30 min but another two-minute retort. Such an answer was as FALSE as it came to me. What I've been doing since was creating a VPN client on my own system and creating access to the content creators Facebook page and Twitter page. During my whole experience, not once was getting into active contact with Microsoft, although it took me more than a week to get IN, and even by then cautiously begging voice mail and while adding my username and yes I insulted Richard Oasiba in my request but I woke up one day and noticed that my VPN was working and yes I? Misspelled it "BeOTnon" without my mother? Oh, sorry I would never worked that again 😮