Destiny 2 has an all-new Xur inventory for October 16, featuring Queenbreaker, Getaway Artist and Dunemarchers. For those eager to spend some hard-earned Legendary Shards, we're here to reveal Xur's latest location and explain which pieces of gear are most worth the investment. We've got full details on the items in the Destiny 2 Xur Collection.

Destiny 2: Queenbreaker

This unique pair of shoulders is compatible with all Face Guard Carbine and EVA Masks. It may also complement other Face Guard Carbines in PvP.

Destiny 2: Getaway Artist

This pair of gloves includes the Light thanks system for those who prefer to paint, whose base stat stacks with Cobalt, Vex and Glow. It is reasonable exchange for some Cobalt, Vex and Glow. Perfect for bringing your fellow Guardians together for Back to Earth painting sessions.

Destiny 2: Dunemarcher

This powerful helmet is connected with the bounty hunting fray, pushing players to hit high-value targets quickly. When a bounty is a critical hit, you and your allies grant a Blessing, protective effects that yetrouse great caprice among the Guardians.

"Destiny 2: Queenbreaker"

Destiny 2: "Getaway Artist"

Destiny 2: "Dunemarcher"

Destiny 2: Where to Find Queenbreaker, Queenbreaker, Getaway Artist, Getaway Artist, Dunemarchers

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#1 The XCOM Sysopticon

Previously I published an article on how to hack a public SSB4 gym server and hack the console.

A lot of people asked for a follow-on video to the previous article, so here it is!

I'll be doing the frequency, games & more in technical detail in the video, so I'll be sure to save some time by having it listed down below.

However, if you guys have spare time I recommend you give the Sysopticon another watch:

And to end things on a high note, I'll be doing a presentation on XCOM on Sunday night. So if you coming to the front as well, gu