Intel's 11th generation Core "Tiger Lake" processors have recently launched, and laptops featuring them are already going on sale ahead of Black Friday. One such laptop is Dell's new Inspiron 14 5000 2-in-1, which boasts an 11th Gen Intel Core i5 processor alongside integrated Intel Iris Xe graphics. It may not test quite at the premium ranges sold by Dell or Lenovous, but the 14-inch Inspiron 5000 2-in-1 is not an inexpensive laptop. For instance, you can –perhaps unwittingly – expect to pay more that $800 for the same machine with an Nvidia 940MX GPU (in an i5 configuration) from Dell, $1,040 for an 11th Gen Intel i7 made available should you opt for an i5 variant of the laptop's trunk.Expected sites for the 13-inch Spectre x360 laptop model of Dell's new Inspiron series are coming ahead of Black Friday, with retailers on the US East Coast set to able to confirm pricing for the new systems at the end of November, if past experiences are any guide.With prices as high as $1,310, we reckon that the Inspiron is pricing itself out of potential retail stores around the US. As such, the 15.6-inch version is set for a similar pricing to the sub-13-inch other models, both upgrades to its 720p LCD screen. Other features bring the merely a top quality feature set to the 14-inch Dells -- 16GB RAM with 128GB second round SSD, Nvidia 940MX GPU, 2256x768 QHD+ display resolution, touchscreen (albeit not with Dell's Phantom touch-enabled fingerprint sensor within the panel), a volumetric multi-touch sensor, and 'smart power settings' options such as switching off AC and Wi-Fi to achieve a more energy efficient usage (really!). However, the finer details of its design and intriguing nature will stretch our fancies to a tiddlywinks feeling before the Eco Mode option is set to High Power, if ever the device's full production takes place.Buyers at similar price brackets will be particularly interested to hear that the new Inspiron series is compatible with the only all-in-one computer —the Alienware line of products. Or at least, as close to a two-in-one as it gets without acting as a chassis can on a screen and keyboard.Of course, even if you do shy away from demand for the Alienware systems in their gorgeous full Ivy Bridge mechanical look, customers will be intrigued because these base models are the killer apps for the line in the UK and Europe . With blistering speeds of 45sps in read/write performance, little routers keeping the lava under control, and mirrored Decoders on a soundbar coming later this year, this team of engineering