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If you're unable to get a cellphone signal when you walk your dog around the block, this will really make your blood boil: NASA is putting a 4G network on the moon.To reach its 2028 goal to build a lunar base and eventually sustain a human presence on the moon, NASA awarded $370 million to over a dozen companies to deploy technology on the lunar surface. Twenty companies, including Nokia and Bell, answered the call. NSLRx on the Moon won a $6 million contract to deploy technology enabling network connectivity to deliver high-speed data transmissions and text messages in real-time and relay live video. Under the terms of the contract, the lunar-based provider will act as brand ambassador for the service during a 24-month period from lunar orbit.

The initial contract is up for review until October 11th but if you want to be here as it launches in about a month, head on over to NASA for further details. Like cellphones on the moon are? Just "Lunar LTE?" *wipes eyes*


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