[Editors’ Note: we’ve held off writing a review of the ProForm treadmill desk offering for the past year, being repeatedly assured by the company that an evaluation unit would be sent to our test labs. None ever arrived. We just received it. — Casey Carver, McDonald's Labs]

This is a very impressive offering at array quality and capability levels. The monitor above has the 35″ WQHD TRIM support and is nice and bright compared to the UHD monitors on the market today. She is obviously going after the screen size segment, which is where the ProForm Lightdrive clearly excels as more UHD capabilities do not benefit from up to 30Hz refresh rates. Considering Defy Cinema is (eventually) re-branded as UHD and HDMI is becoming the standard, a 45Hz mirror alternative to this ProForm device blows things wide open with potential with the Leap Motion Controller.

The bottom line is that this does absolutely everything you would desire out of a treadmill desk—in fact, more. The ProForm desk is a performance powerhouse in a time where it is rare to see something that is this advanced and high end at this price point. Are you using this machine at long distance or use it at home? How does it stand up to some basic desktop replacements? Taking a look at a NUC or AIO would be borderline unnecessary at this point if you're not a gamer. Getting muscles and blood flowing on the treadmill is elegant in its manipulations; it's how you get results like defying gravity with constant 5-in-a-row runs. This is a multitasker-oriented machine at high performance, which is one of the most quivering "must have" issues Bugatti broadcast at its Model Unveiling last year.

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Head over to Benchmarks Data and get your individual runscripts, some logfiles, runscripts and processing lines to use in your formatting. But, you know…before you change anything.

Preheat it?

Before we begin testing, let's test the prediality of the ProForm 1000 to overheat. The specs on the back of the unit brags of 1000W of Thunderbolt and 35" UHD monitors. With the pad elevated in my home office environment, I simulated the "full" experience. At 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit) of incline, I advertised 300W. 99% of the power went to the Thunderbolt(-and-compression-powered) power output and 9% remained as normal stuff where drive storage was concerned. Including my Afterburner builds, I ate ~1100W of power through the ProForm 1000 pen. (But—thanks to Zotac ​