Are you ready to become the Guardian Devil?

Lawyer by day, crime-fighter by night, Matt Murdock aka Daredevil has arrived on the scene earlier this week with Fortnite's Marvel Knockout Super Series.

Murdock has visited Jame at their drydock, where she has kept his stories and memories for a VERY long time. True to Matt's wishes, he wants to finish out his training as a Daredevil and banish all negative thoughts and impressions before fighting his first fight.

Watching everything explode throws Matt off-guard, as times have barely changed in Fortnite. While playing the classic game with other players, Matt dodges enemies, punches to kill, and kicks to kill. Jame is also the character you can unlock by completing the challenges, exactly like in the comics.

Blunted Bullet White Suit Skin with a Black Belt Weapon, Warpath Red Visor, The Flash Pulse Rifle, and more!

Fortnite's version of Matt Murdock is easily a part of next year's top 10 dressed as Daredevil, with all this going for him he's sure to grab the next bracket last minute.

The social media joke has gone wild on social media, since today, New Zealand's Prime Minister (NZ PM), John Key—who was himself only elected.

NZ Prime Minister with the #bitterandmean Leader of the Opposition and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, in the White House in Washington on November 15, 2017. Malcolm Turnbull tonight used a slap down in Parliament against Australia following its fallout over Sydney.

The Prime Minister has walked out an urgent question rib lawsuit false and malicious

Yesterday he staged a motion of censure — and this afternoon shot down the motion of censure and motion of censure motion in MP's chamber.

John Key responds to film of #bitterandmean

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Updated 12:07 p.m.

The Prime Minister fielded a 7:45 a.m. phone call Friday morning from Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, congratulating him on his victory in the House of Representatives on Thursday night and warning of the consequences for the new Government there if it didn't remove the burden of a motion of censure against them within 48 hours.

How does a Parliament choose motions of censure?

It's either approved or rejected by the House of Representatives or Senate.

The House of Representatives, by consensus: Calls on their leader to propose a motion for consideration of the House. Before moving it, the leader of the party that holds a majority in the House must talk to the House Leader and set out a motion strongly opposing the motion that was proposed. The