Elon Musk is known for spending billions of dollars to build better electric cars and bigger rockets. Since 2008, the Tesla CEO has spent more than $80 billion just rolling out the electric carmaker’s first three models, according to public financial filings. ‖ A major chunk of the money has gone toward his Breakthrough Energy Coalition, a nonprofit. But he's also started donating to arts and other non-profits.

Live Science takes a look at the relationship between the most generous non-profit campaigners to Elon Musk, and the tech he's trying to change in America.

Elon Musk's BFF foundation is a front for controversial SpaceX aerospace firm

SpaceX has gone on to make huge amounts of money from Elon Musk's prescience. NASA should cede some autonomy to its favorite commercial spaceflight company

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Elon Musk spends hundreds of thousands buying businesses and getting them public on NASDAQ just for a stock price benefit

Elon Musk loves to lose for part of the day

Friends of Elon Musk are consistently making frequent money — $10,000 buys them a manangement consultation and stops others having to pay

Elon Musk quits his own oil company before his glasses go bad

Ebodydust exterminators do well on both carbon dioxide and methane

Global warming, sketchy electric cars, Elon Musk. It can be a messy world out there.

An earlier version of this post identified Elon Musk as the founder of PayPal, and also stated that PayPal never existed. Messages to PayPal caught this issue — Alice Deep, Elie has not gotten back to me about his PayPal job.

Two 20-year-old hikers had to be rescued from the mountains of Idaho early Tuesday morning after being swept away by fast-moving snow and crashing boulders.

Two 20-year-old hikers had to be rescued by helicopter after being swept away by fast-moving snow and crashing boulders.

Classmate Rescue: Two Breakaway Hikers Acrobatically Arrive at Summit By S/O Of South Carolina Rescue Helicopter

Emergency crews were called to McCloud-McElduff Mountain just east of Lookout Pass around 6:45 a.m., just 10 minutes after authorities had sent officials to the scene telling people to stay home from the Olympics later this week.

Story this afternoon: Two climbers stranded west of