Oppo recently launched its F17 Pro smartphone in India and now, the brand is all set to unveil a Diwali-special edition on October 19. The company is yet to reveal the price, sale, and other details of the upcoming Oppo F17 Pro Diwali Edition. A teaser website has been created which we can use to get a sneak peak of the upcoming smartphone.

Furthermore, a new image bearing the logo of Oppo Technology Co. Ltd now leaked on Weibo. The page shows the phone as part of the MOBO VINDEX97A for sale in China. We have a copy of the Weibo image as well. Interestingly, the phone's band has not been updated and functions include VIGNET wireless, CDMA connectivity, LTE connectivity, and Wi-Fi connectivity.

President Trump all but spoke publicly for the first time that he was setting himself up for a wave of firing of a special counsel in the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

Whether he meant it that explicitly or not, it was the first time that President Trump laid himself out on a promise to get rid of Mueller, who is leading the Russia probe and has an unlimited license to ask questions and probe anything he wants.

"I'm going to think about it," Trump told reporters on arrival at the White House on July 25, after deliberately pausing his press conference to go online to check to see if the pardon was ready in place. "I have to see what's going on."

The president now sees no need to pardon himself in case Trump is attacked by his own Party. Instead, he said, "I'll think about it … when I decide." And he certainly thinks about it. The president himself has said which investigators, who have or don't have yet been caught operating illegally. In his own words:

I've seen some of the documents with the FBI … and some are pretty incredible. And some are not as incredible like they used to be. Normally they have a lot of people and they're running everything. And this is very much an ordinary investigation sometimes, and it looks like it's been handled normally …because a lot of people have been involved in it. Not only that but it's a very politically driven investigation. There's no collusion. Mueller is very, very respected. Even the other side says 'This guy is very, very good.' I mean, this is not easy to do. It's not like a normal investigation. It's a very politically driven, you know, type of investigation.

Let's leave aside for a moment the settler-colonial business of aiming impeachment at someone young enough to have been President Obama's chief political strategist, Robert Gibbs, who has nothing at all to do with the work that