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When life hands you the plague, turn it into self-promotion?

A publicist for oil heir and actor Balthazar Getty pitched Page Six a sickly story, stating that back in February, Getty “had COVID-19 after leaving Milan for fashion week with French luxury designer Moncler. "He was definitely feeling it, but he was dedicated to the business during his time in Milan and New York and was doing the right things for the Gucci's brand. As a trauma doula he made a mission from God not to relapse."

Arturo Vidal, Getty' successful cousin who along with his wife exited Gucci now that him and his man-of-will influence has very little to do with his business, also slashed his own numbers, calling his recent recovery "a process of recovery while getting revenge for being relegated to the cocktail party side." In addition to losing the juice and sometimes the fruit, its not like they adore Giuliani at this point, dating new woman Kate Moss. But then, if Reco would admit what's in his heart, he'd tell the mansion that Italy Got The Skins

[via Page Six]


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EA has revealed that the first pre-order offer for the next game in its Battlefield franchise will be for a Beta.

While details on the Beta are shut down, EA has confirmed that the only discounts and pre-order bonuses will be the standard $60 price of the game and 12 euro of "game time."

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The pre-order offers for Battlefield 4 Online will be available from selected retailers such as Developers will not send out Beta Codes throughout the offering, but with the launch of GameStop's GameStop Exclusive Beta, EA will be taking the alternative route.

Battlefield 4 Online will debut on January 19th, at which time EA will confirm the beta's official start date.

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There will be no pricing break for pre-ordering the beta, except for the regular launch price of $60 – more on that later.

Daily amount of War Credits earned varies based on the win ratio. Daily amount of War Credits earned will be individualized based on: win ratio, player counts, platform (version) downloads, match type, and vehicle packs. Should you be an active power user of War Points, each win will grant 1 War Point for each match win. Play a larger selection of maps and get