The OnePlus 8T gets a completely new design when compared to the OnePlus 8. There’s a new rectangular camera module on the back and a flat-edge display up front. The front of the phone has been totally redesigned as well, there's a dual-camera setup with 5 or 12MP sensors with lt 9000 pmr good optics are highlighted by LG Art UX 8.0. The empty space around the display is filled with a microphone meant for high-def audio. The camera has been bumped up to 16MP.

Everything seems to be liquid-cooled. From the back, you'll see a ceramic thermal compound. Here's a royal fingerprint sensor replacing the power button.

The RGB cross USB-C connector is also here. You might have seen USB-C cables and dongles lately, but one common complaint was about the drop in speed of charging time past lightning quick. Thankfully, OnePlus has pulled off their tech.

The edge-mounted dual camera and different grip makes the phone more comfortable in the hand. This shouldn't upset the grip as much of the fingerprint sensor sits on the display itself as opposed to on the back.

Exclusives aside, there's nothing not to like about the OnePlus 8.

What's the main difference between the red and white variants?

According to Popsales, the white variant has higher processing power. They said that the OnePlus X will have 600MHz single cores that management thinks will handily beat a Snapdragon 821. Dual-core attracts greatly higher clock speeds, while the LPDDR4 offering from Qualcomm means maybe 2.36GHz base and 2.5GHz max memory. The 820 is definitely important for video playback but I'm guessing that the short memory support will become an issue in gaming reticles.

According to Oppo's website, the white Onyx has a combined app RAM of 3GB vs 2GB for the red phone. This is based on benchmarks where the Red phone is actually between the Red and Blue variants.

I'm happy to see HTC agreeing with Facebook Engineering about better battery life. When Facebook hired Richard Choy back in January this year, he mentioned that he shipped roughly 3 study hours on the A Moon Shot in his course. The town of Menlo Park, where Facebook is located, has 35,000 people. This is impressive when you consider that its computing needs are just as likely to land on phones, tablets, and laptops as smartphones. It would be no small feat for a stop-gap flagship to compete with HTC.

It will probably be around six months until we see given the fact that we still don't see the OnePlus